Nail Health

Every women want beautiful long and strong nails but only a few of us do efforts to get healthy nails. Nails give our fingers support and beautiful shape. Nails tell may things about your body they tell your internal health. Doctors always check nails of a patient to check problems like anemia, liver disease, kidney disease. Nail health is very important but today people just want nice painted nails they do not care about nail health. Today we are going to share some excellent tips that will help you to get healthy nails in few days. Practice below written tips to maintain nail health permanently. Read below to know everything about nail health.

  1. Cuticles: Dermatologists said do not play with cuticle they are there for some reasons. Nail salons often cut or manipulate the cuticles to give long shape to your nails. By doing this you are inviting many nail problems, in fact, you are making them weak. There are many types of fungus that can damage your nail permanently. To prevent this problem you are advised not to touch or shape your cuticles while doing the manicure at home or in a saloon. Remember doctors do not recommend to cut or shape cuticle.
  2. Moisturize your nails: Moisturize your nails twice a week to get rid of nail problems. You can do this by applying a good moisturizing cream or by just applying coconut oil or olive oil. This also makes them shiny and strong. Lack of moisture makes your nails more prone to break means weak and dull. Whenever you feel your nails are getting weak it is time to give them massage with moisturizing cream. Do not leave your nails dry this will slow their growth.
  3. Limit Luxury manicure: we know professional manicures are best to have but not every month. Actually, professional saloon used harsh chemicals on nails which give temporary results. According to the dermatologists applying any kind of chemical to nails can only cause damage to them. It leads to bed infection or chronic infections in some cases. Puffy nails indicate some kind of infection. Stay away from chemical products and have strong nails.
  4. Cleaning Chemicals: Your hand wash or soap kill the bacteria whenever you wash your hands but do not do this too often. Soaps contain chemicals, mainly they have alcohol in them and parabens which make your nails dry and dull. Doctor Alex says, avoid using harsh chemical soap or hand washes choose soaps that contain natural ingredients only.
  5. Wear Dish Gloves: The combination of water and chemicals lead to weak and brittle nails some time you feel pain while holding something. Dishwashers have more harsh chemicals than other types of cleans. They are designed to kill any type of bacteria while washing cutlets. It is advised to use mild dish cleaners to prevent nail dryness.
  6. Use Nail Brush: People do not use nail brushes to clean them properly. They use any sharp tool like pins or some time toothpick. These types of habits give you infections, use the nail brush to clean them every time you want neat and clean nails. While using the brush on nails do not do aggressively this will send an invitation to bacteria by giving you tiny cuts under nails.