Hands are the first thing people notice when they see you for the first time. Nails make your hands beautiful. Our nail salon in Pensacola offers manicure, pedicure, waxing, facial treatment and many skin care treatments. Our nail technician makes your nails attractive by giving them the latest Shape. we provide the best nail care system at the reasonable value in Pensacola Fl. Below are our top services.


we have the best manicurists to give your nails the desired shape and design. They use neat and clean tools every time they do the manicure. We offer many types of manicure services to our clients.


If you are going for a manicure for the first time we advise you to choose the basic procedure first. This will give an idea of what we do in our manicure procedures and then you can choose the other nail care procedures. In this particular manicure, we apply some lotion on your cuticles and then ask you to put your hands for 2 minutes in the given warm water. This will remove dirt particles as well as soften the skin. After this, we ask you which type of nail shape you want or we also show some latest or trending nail designs. At last, our nailist give beautiful shape to your nails and put two coats of nail polish, placed your nail under the nail dryer to dry them in the short time.


when it comes to simple and beautiful attractive nails people choose french manicure. This is a procedure which surely gives clean and attractive nails which makes your hands extra beautiful. Choose this if you are an office woman, working in a restaurant or simply like excellent nails. Our nail salon Pensacola offer this caring treatment at a reasonable cost.


There is not much difference between French and American manicure. In this manicure, our stylists give different shapes and shades which make it slightly different from a french manicure. Your nail tips make rounded and give them neutral or light color. You can use gel polish to make them more modern type nails.


In this procedure, we use special type nail polish which lasts longer than ordinary nail polish. Here we use UV light to dry out the applied polish this give extra shine which makes your nails more bright and stylish rest is same as we do in other manicure techniques.


Professionals call it paraffin manicure, in this treatment we apply paraffin wax over the nails to give them instant moisture. Moisture is the basic need of healthy nails. Some people use coconut nails to massage their nails and hands to keep the moisture level up. It also includes the massage of hands to stimulate the hand nerves.



pedicure in pensacola


It is a cosmetic technique used to clean feet and toenails. In this method pedicurist work on feet and nails. He/she clean your feet, remove dead skin cells, nourish the skin by applying moisturizer. Pumice stone is used to clean dead skin cells (it is a kind of volcanic rock). Below is the basic procedure of foot care.

  1. We ask you to soak your foot in the warm water, this will help to smooth or relax the skin or toenails.
  2. The second step is removing dead skin cells. This action will be done with the help of a foot scrubber or footstone.
  3. After drying them with clean towel our pedicurist applies moisturizing cream over the skin to give instant moisture. This step reduces the dryness of skin and gives relief from hard or cracked heels.
  4. Now it is the time to trim your nails with clean tools. After treating your cuticles we apply cuticles lotion on them, this gives extra nourishment to skin cells.
  5. Now it’s time to apply your favorite nail polish.


This normal procedure takes only 30 to 45 minutes.


if want long-lasting results than try this one. In this technique, special nail polish is used which is further get dry under the UV light. In our nail salon Pensacola, FL we offer gel pedicure at an affordable price with latest nail polishes.

We apply total three coating of nail polish including the clear base coating. Your nails look shiny and beautiful after the treatment. The UV light is not harmful to the customer as well as for the nailist. Only the limited amount of UV rays are allowed and only your foot will place under the UV nail dryer.

This treatment is getting very popular among women these days.


This type of pedicure is very suitable for those having cracked or dry feet. In this procedure, we use hydrating wax. Firstly we dipped your feet in hydrating paraffin wax this helps to relax the skin tissue while giving them instant moisturizing effects. This is also called soothing pedicure in parts of the world.

Many people choose this pedicure to make their extra soft and young forever. This not only for dry skin people anyone can get benefits of an alkaline wax pedicure.

SPA PEDICURE: This pedicure is similar to the basic pedicure but in this treatment, you can choose various options like a wax pedicure, hydrating mask, scrub etc. So all these options make it longer and stronger pedicure for men and women in Pensacola.

Suitable for all age groups. We give this treatment at a very affordable price call us to know more.